The transmission system of an all-terrain off-road vehicle must be a rugged mechanical system designed to provide superior performance and reliability to cope with the demand of driving in extreme terrain and harsh environments. The design of this transmission system must provide excellent traction, off-road capability, and superior handling. All-terrain off-roads or ATVs usually have a four-wheel drive system that enables the vehicle to ride stably on different terrains such as mud, sand, and snow.

The suspension in the transmission system is also crucial, adjusting the movement of the wheels to ensure that the vehicle remains smooth, even on rough terrains. Many off-road vehicles are also equipped with huge tires and a high body to improve off-road performance, allowing the vehicle to pass high barriers and overcome terrain conditions such as deep water.

To deliver this performance, the drive shaft design of off-road ATVs and ATVs must ensure durability and high torque output to withstand harsh terrain and driving conditions such as deserts, beaches, and highlands. These drive shafts can be used in four-wheel drive vehicles to evenly distribute power to all four wheels, and coupled with suspension to ensure that the wheels follow the contours of the ground during driving, providing suspension and damping. Shin Shin Long’s parts for transmission systems are made of premium metals. They go through stringent quality control and ensure that the off-road ATV can get the best performance on the road.

Outboard CV Joint for ATV/UTV

Outboard CV Joint

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Inboard CV Joint

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Drive Shaft for ATV/UTV

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