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ABS Ring

C.V. Boots

Dynamic Damper

Boot Clamp


1. Outboard

C.V. Joint that connects to the wheel

Outboard is the part that is connected to the hub assembly of the wheel. It gives car wheels the flexibility in both motion and power transmission, which allow the car to run and turn smoothly at a constant speed. The outboard moves at a fixed direction but is allowed to twist in circles.

2. C.V. Boots

Boot that protects the C.V. Joint

C.V. Boots, as known as rubber boots, serves a very important role in the whole drive shaft. It's normally attached to both inboard and outboard and tied by snap ring on both ends. The main purpose of a C.V. boot is to contain grease and to protect dust from going in the joint. Depending on the need or preference, people use varieties of materials such as rubber, TPEE, plastic and etc. to produce the boots.

3. Dynamic Damper

A balancer that stabilizes the shaft

Dynamic damper is a balancer that is attached to the half shaft. The extra weight is added on to the shaft and stabilizes the shaft as it spins.

4. Inboard

C.V Joint that connects to the car transmission

Inboard is the part that is connected to the car transmission. It is also called plunge joint due to the horizontal sliding movement in one axis. It doesn't have much angular range as outboard gives. However, it allows extension and retraction as the car suspends. 

5. Nut

A Nut that holds everything together

An Axle nut may seem to be a very small component of the whole shaft. However, it is what holds the drive shaft and the car wheel together. A loose nut can cause damages to the shaft and bearings.

6. ABS Ring

Anti-lock braking system ring

ABS ring, also known as tone ring, is used in Anti-lock Braking System. ABS ring is located on the shaft before connecting to the wheel hub. Under condition such as heavy braking may cause wheel to lock (wheels are unable to rotate when locked), which may lead to a car skidding on the road. The use for ABS is not to shorten the brake distance, indeed, it's to increase the stability of the car direction when braking.

7. Boot Clamp

To tighten the boot to the Drive Shaft

The major role of a boot clamp is to secure the boot and to retain the grease. There is no screws to help tighten the clamp; the clamp is held by the clasp when it bends backwards.

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